About Me

Hi, Hello and Welcome…

I am Claire and this as you can already see is the Blog I started in 2010 for my Earthwatch expedition to Canada. Really this started as a travel blog more than an everyday update kind of blog, but over the years it has developed and grown a mind of it’s own into what it is today – which at times can seem incredibly RANDOM.

IMG_1422Most posts are either about travel, animals, roller derby, fitness, general life or gundogs… I think that just about explains the blog but now to explain a little bit more about me.

I live in the North East of england, and I am obsessed with animals so much so I did a degree on them (Bishop Burton Graduate YO!!) In my spare time I tend to do the usual, socializing, going to the cinema and various gigs, I play roller derby for Durham Roller Derby and also am a coach, manage the website and regularly blog for the team.

IMG_0663I used to help out occasionally at field trials and working tests for the Golden Retriever Club of Northumbria, but due to my busy, busy life sadly had to give that up. But I’m still a regular feature at my local shoot.

I love to travel but I am also a home bird (I mean come on I live in the North East, it’s stunning!) and since becoming a homeowner the disposable income vanished (shock horror) so travelling is a bit less, but I still have an awful lot of the world still to see, so watch this space…

IMG_0482*all opinions, thoughts, feelings within the blog are my own*


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